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Making the Lives of America’s Military, Veterans, and their Families Better

Patriotic Hearts offers careers and daily Jobs to veterans. We assist companies with veteran recruiting through our job board, and nationwide recruiting events. We provide two job boards, one for veterans looking for careers, and one for active duty military to earn income by helping local residents with chores when they are off duty. Transitioning veterans and wounded warriors use this job board too.

In order to spread our free job board for residents to employ local military, veterans and their spouses, we provide a customized website for communities, schools, organizations and businesses to get it started in their area. We have also written a marketing plan for businesses that want use this job board to increase their popularity, gain media attention, and to make veteran recruiting much easier.

US Military Maintenance

We built a maintenance business for 40 years before retiring to serve veterans full time. Patriotic Hearts has now created over 70 USMM businesses across the nation. We employed hundreds of US veterans every day. Our USMM owners and their veteran employees work with residential and commercial property managers and owners to maintain their properties in all areas of maintenance.

Patriotic Hearts provides the equipment to get started, a customized website, OSHA training and certifications, our highly successful and unique marketing plan, nationwide team calls, and regular mentoring. The more USMM businesses we create, the more US veterans are employed at good wages and get to work alongside other veterans. Many begin their business part time. But by following in the steps of USMM owners who have gone before them, they are quickly able to quit their jobs and become full time business owners if they desire.

In Service of Our Country

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Have you seen Horses for Healing Heroes?

It is a new program of Patriotic Hearts. Veterans and First Responders risk their lives everyday to protect ours. Trauma and stress are the result. They and their families now have a retreat where horses will help them to heal, recuperate and recover.